Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Man of No Hope, Saved.

A lone man sits on a cold street corner.
The streetlight flickers above his head.
The man sits their in despair.
He feels useless.
No more dreams of love.
There's no hope.
But the end is not the end.

Then she walks by.
She pauses.
Turns back around and stops in front of him
.She reaches out her hand.
The man unburies his face from his hands.
He takes a look up at her.
He takes her hand.

A love so strong.
An unwavering feeling of emotion between the two.
A sense of security and closure is now felt by him.
There was a dark, heavy heart sitting inside of him.
But she touched his heavy heart.
And when she did, she made it light.
Staring into the eyes of an angel.
He feels saved.
A new sense of hope has now risen.
Because of that split second.
Because of care.
A love so fierce now stands before him.

...And it cannot be broken.

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